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Update Date: May 20th 2024

William Aranda


Let me express the warmest welcome to you to this Internet site. It has the purpose to properly advise you for a quality implementation of the ICAO language proficiency requirements.

This is also a space to thank God, our family and to all these persons that have given us their invaluable support in order to grow up in the exciting world of aviation.

The Examination TOEFA (Test of English for Aviation) was designed in 2004, on the basis of the previous experience of many years working in instruction and evaluation of Aviation English, both in airlines and air navigation service providers (ANSP).

It was the first evaluation tool introduced officially, at worldwide level, during the First IALS (ICAO Aviation Language Symposium) that was held in September 2004 at ICAO headquarters, in Montreal, Canada; where I had the high honor to participate as Speaker, with the best professionals in the subject.

Since that occasion our activity has been intense and very beneficial from the professional and academic point of view. New necessities of instruction have also been identified, as well as the critical factors of success for a suitable process of implementation.

So, our Consulting Services have developed some additional activities besides evaluation; for example, the advice for adaptation of regulations of each State to the new language proficiency requirements, English for Aviation Induction Courses (addressed to local teachers, previously selected, that will be in charge of the training), Raters Courses, as well as the design and execution of training programs to optimize the English language proficiency level of the aeronautical personnel included in this ICAO standard.

Our large experience (operative and linguistic) in the aviation field, makes us very sensitive to the important subject of the operational safety, so our primary goal is to contribute to the air operations safety level optimization, diminishing the risks of aviation incidents or accidents, caused by lack of understanding in the radiotelephone communications.

To achieve this goal, our integral instruction and evaluation alternatives rigorously follow the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), established in several Annexes and Documents about language proficiency and Safety Management Systems (SMS).

Welcome to this Internet site, that is launched on May 20th, 2007 to celebrate 48 years of life and 25 years on Aviation. Please consider it as yours and feel absolutely free to ask for any query, since it is a non-profitable site. It will be a pleasure for us to share our experience with you and to help you in the decision making process for a successful implementation of this important ICAO standard, that will be effective on March 5, 2008.

Warmest regards,

William Aranda
Giovanna Aranda

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Last updated:   May 20th 2024